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Some call this the "keto plateau" which is when you stop losing weight altogether. If you are planning to try the keto diet, be sure to consult your healthcare team and, if possible, a registered dietitian to make sure you meet your nutritional needs with the plan. Working with a professional can help you determine whether you should make adjustments or if you’d be better off avoiding the diet entirely.

Nevertheless a recent analysis reviewing more than 20 published trials reported there is no significant evidence that consumption of saturated fat increases the risk of heart complications. Talk to your doctor before adopting a ketogenic diet, or connect with one of our qualified diet professionals to determine a course of action that is right for you. The below links provide access to diet professionals and hospitals with expertise in ketogenic therapies.

You can reap great health benefits just lowering your carbohydrate intake in general. Imagine all foods like sugar, sodas, packages juices, pizza, pasta, white rice and white bread are extremely high in carbohydrates.

People with complicated food and social histories may have a hard time sticking with it. Be sure to let your own primary care physician know you're planning to go on a keto diet. ... st-reviews ... s.1870023/ ... ews.83486/ ... t-reviews/ ... ml?t=43045 ... ews.32615/
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